30+ years of diversity leadership in the legal profession.

Our ability to accelerate the progress of ethnic and racial minorities in our member firms and the broader legal profession depends on our ability to work effectively with the community of constituencies who share the goal of diversity in the legal profession. These constituencies are our member firms, minority attorneys in our member firms, the client, represented by Chicago based corporations and other important legal, professional and diversity organizations who share our mission.

Legal Trek 2019 Team Photo

Member Firms

We appreciate the trust that the Committee has received over the last 30 years from our member firms to provide diversity leadership and to support the success of their minority attorneys. We value their ongoing commitment to diversity and their generous sponsorship of our programming over that period. We commit to continuous improvement of the ways in which we guide and support them.

Minority Attorneys are the Nucleus

The Committee is only successful to the extent that minority associates and partners in our member law firms are successful. This organization began as an affinity group for all minority attorneys in large Chicago law firms. Access to the camaraderie and support of other minority attorneys facing challenges similar to their own and the impact of such support on their careers are key reasons that many of founding members and former Board members today remain loyal to Chicago Committee. We commit to continuing to provide that supportive environment but also to provide meaningful professional development programming as well as opportunities for business networking and leadership. 

Corporate Legal Department Partners

The Chicago Committee works collaboratively with in-house counsel and corporate legal departments for our programs and events. Our Board of Directors and Associate Board has members who are in-house counsel. They give an important perspective to assist with developing meaningful connections and career advancement for attorneys in law firms.

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